Are you checking your Cyber Blind Spots?


Combating the "it won't happen to us" mentality

Cyber Security Skills you don't know you need

Threat Intelligence: constantly hunting the unknown

We will be discussing:

Tue, 4th December 

8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Managing cyber security is like driving a truck down a busy highway - where some of the road users are deliberately trying to cause a collision.

Your team has identified a wide range of potential threats, and you have good ability to protect against them. To use our analogy, you are actively scanning the road in front, behind, and to the left and the right.

But - what about the cyber threats your team is unaware of? What about the vulnerabilities they haven't tested for, or a brand-new variety of attack which has not come to anybody's attention?

Thanks to the dynamic nature of the cyber threats, blind spots are on the increase. Your organisation can come to severe harm, if these cyber security blind spots are not checked regularly.

Do you know where your cyber blind spots are?

In this Roundtable event, we will discuss a variety of cyber security blind spots. Our moderator will lead three key conversations:

1. Cyber Security Skills you don't know you need

Australia is suffering a severe increase in shortage of skills and more importantly the ability to assess the right level of skills within existing teams, while some tasks are gently put under the rug due to lack of resources. IT leaders are increasingly tasked with managing cyber security, without specialist staff to lead the charge. We will discuss which cyber security skills are essential for every industry and business.

2. Combating the "it won't happen to us" mentality

Too many executives and business users are dangerously unaware of the reality of cyber warfare. Some of our colleagues think that cyber breaches are something that happens to other companies and other people. Businesses are still failing to fully include cyber security in their corporate insurance policies. Complacency toward cyber security must be removed, starting at the executive level of your organisation and extending to every member of staff. We will share wisdom and experience on how to combat this risky mentality.

3. Threat Intelligence: constantly hunting the unknown

Many Australian organisations are mostly reactive in dealing with cyber threats. Even for proactive organisations, 9-to-5 monitoring approaches are still common - hardly a sufficient defence against a cyber war that wages 24 hours of every day. But how can organisations hunt these unknown threats, with the limited time and budget available to them? Join us on 4th December: share your challenges and hear good advice.

KEY TAKEAWAYS - Blind Spots to uncover:

  • What skills should you outsource, and what skills must you have internally.
  • Ways to fight cyber security complacency at the executive level.
  • Insurance and cyber security: how to assess your risk, and get the right policy and premium.
  • What is ‘threat hunting’, and how intelligence helps with improving hunting capabilities.
  • Which tools and platforms should you consider for threat intelligence and threat hunting.


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